Hello Parents

Your daughters/sons/grandchildren have been dancing for a few years now. Maybe they have even received their five year trophies. Or perhaps they are Legacy performers of ten years or more.

In each of these years, you may have purchased the DVD as a keepsake to remember those performances. So now you have a stack of DVDs, maybe even VHS tapes. And although they are great to have, it becomes more cumbersome over the years to watch your loved one’s performances, as you forward through each one to find the dance that you want to see.

Not to mention that DVDs and tapes sometimes break. DVDs can crack or melt and without a backup, those memories are lost. And what if your VHS player breaks? Where do you buy another one?

Announcing a new service: the Legacy Recital Collection”.

Capture all of your child’s dances on one USB flash drive that will tell the story of her/his growth as a dancer. You can easily share the collection with family, or load it onto your own computer.

All that time and energy that you wasted on loading and unloading numerous DVDs or tapes and searching for your child’s performances can now be replaced by ONE STORY, ON ONE DEVICE that you can share with family members and even make backups, for a lifetime of memories!

Parents, you have spent a ton of money over the years, but those memories can go up in smoke if those old DVDs and tapes break, crack, burn, or get misplaced.



How Does This Legacy Recital Collection Work?


Go here to make a $50 deposit. Then,


  • Using our simple report form, go through your library of videos. When you find your child’s dance, record the exact time (hour, minutes and seconds on that dvd) that the dance begins. Here are some examples.
  • Record the act number (3rd, 5th, 10th etc.). Each form is for one recital.
  • Click the submit button.
  • Repeat the process for the next recital.

Simple as that. You tell us which dances you want to keep, and we’ll find that dance number and build the story.


You may not have the recordings for all of your child’s recitals.  So, we have digitized the entire library of dance recitals for your child’s dance studio, which you can access ONLINE

Because it has taken us many hours to create this library, we have to charge a small fee of $25 for access to all dance recitals since the studio has been in business.

Here’s how to use this method.

  • Click here  for payment through PayPal. You may use your own credit card. You will need to provide your email address
  • Your address is then loaded into the  private “Play List” on Youtube.
  • The link to the library then goes to your email address.
  • From there, at your convenience, you can navigate every dance recital the studio has ever performed. NOTE: The Online Studio Library that you can access, the recitals have NO AUDIO. That is because of Copyright issues for the music. You really only need the visuals to locate your child’s performance.
  • Complete the online forms, as described  above.

What Does This Cost?

Cost is based on the number of dances. Here is our pricing table for the first 20 orders. 

What Will This Legacy Collection Look Like?



Go here for “Frequently Asked Questions” 

How long will this take?

Please understand that this is a brand new process, and one that has never been done anywhere else, as far as we know. The amount of time will depend largely on how many orders we get. Your patience is appreciated as we learn the most efficient process.

Can You Do Anything With All The Dance Recital Pictures We Paid For?

Yes, not only those professional pictures you paid for, but after each recital, you took family pictures. If you want us to make a creative slideshow of those pictures, follow this link