Can you do anything with all the dance recital pictures we have over the years?


Collect as many pictures as you would like to watch, and do the following:

  • Place them all into a folder
  • Number them the way you want the timeline to show

Telling a story of several years by pictures, in sequence, in order, from her First Day to her last day, HOW DO YOU DO THAT ?

Folder First Year, may have 8 pictures (Professional & Family).

You’ve “Re-Numbered them” 1-8

Second Year Folder, may have 11 Pictures (Professional & Family)

You’ve “Re-Numbered them now to ” 9 – 20

Third Year Folder, may have 7 pictures (Professional & Family)

You’ve “Re-Numbered them now to ” 21 – 27

And so on and so on…

Your story starts as Number one, and may end at number 94, or 132, but they are in order, your order, your sequence, your history.

That is your story and it is how we will build that slideshow to tell that story.

How Do I Do That?


On a MAC:

For example, if you image file reads – 571E5DO9.jpeg, take the cursor and click on that number. It becomes highlighted in DARK BLUE. Click it again and a NEW BLUE appears that lets you type in a new number. Type in “1.”. Next image, do the same and type in “2.” and so on.  See image examples here.

On a PC:

  • Find the image you want in your directory
  • Right click, and choose Rename in the dropdown
  • Type in “1” for the first/earliest picture.
  • Repeat for each image with consecutive numbers so that the images are in chronological order.

Otherwise, if you leave the numbers alone, all computers will list them by the original numbers and BE ALL OUT OF SEQUENCE. This is how you create your own timeline.


The fee for 95 pictures is $49

Include the music you want, or I will Music Score it myself

95 picture slideshow-movie, runs about 9 minutes.

Bigger Collection of Pictures

96 – 125 = $59

126 – 150 = $69

Anything bigger than that, contact me.

Any Pictures?

Yes, besides the professional photographer’s pictures, you may have family pictures after the recital, before the recital, practice.

What ever tells your story that you want to create and keep.

Do You Scan Pictures?

Yes, it is time consuming and the fee is $.75 each photo you send me.

How do I get all of this to you?

Put everything on a flash drive and place it into the mail in a protected bubble mailer. Anything less (White Envelope) will…repeat….will, break open and get lost. Be sure that your contact information is clearly visible. Mail to:

Dick Osso
24 Indian Path
Hanson, MA  02341

What makes your slideshows different than the ones I can make?

Our slideshows are made with high tech software and you could never duplicate the way your pictures come on to the screen, get displayed with multiple payers and then transition off to the next picture.

We use this technology in our wedding slideshows.