Videographer Dick Osso has been shooting video since 1985. His background includes working in large Slideshow Format presentations, running a Planetarium, and teaching Astronomy at Brockton High School.

He has worked Broadcast TV for 12 years with 225 copyrighted shows on his resume. In addition, he has done documentaries, commercials and has recorded just about every kind of EVENT one would want videotaped.

Dick is constantly upgrading software and equipment knowing how important it is to be different and to refresh his presentations for his clients. He is invested in mostly Sony equipment.

Throughout this website, the video footage you will see are short segments of longer programs. It would be impossible to load all the work on to this site. As years go by, technology changes. What remains as a constant, is Dick’s attention to tell a story that makes memories.

So please spend some time, look around and discover the skill and professionalism that Dick brings to his work.

As someone who loves the outdoors along with multimedia over the years, love of Earth Science & Astronomy, he has taken advantage of opportunities to experience those adventures that has shaped his skills to be a STORYTELLER and an EVENT videographer.