Depends on how many years she has danced and how many dances, performances you want recorded. The full break down is listed on our document, called “Cost of Legacy Collection”

Yes, companies charge from $10 - $25 per Tape of DVD. I would charge $10 for the entire Show

Yes, the “Legacy Recital Collection” can begin at any year

The cost is based on the number of dances in the recital. So if you calculate the dances in one show, then double it for the SECOND or THIRD shows. It adds to the cost, so to be cost effective, decide which of the shows you want added to the collection….if…they are the same shows later in the day.

If you want it all, every dance, every show, that is possible, just an added cost.

Yes, you just need to supply the finished drive we sent you and we will take that video file and add to it, her new dances for the next year. This can happen until she no longer dances.

Return the flash drive and $25 (& $5 Postage) and we’ll add to that file, by creating a NEW MOVIE file and mail it back to you, with an expanded NEW Legacy Collection

As soon as you know you want to purchase the Legacy Recital Collection, just email me at and I will send you all the information you’ll need.

When you send me the “Legacy Report Sheets” the times of each year recital dances, include a $50 Deposit, made out to Dick Osso.

Yes, you can send me as many pictures as you feel like watching, and I will use a high tech Slideshow software that creates amazing movies from your pictures, either with my music or yours. See Legacy Collection Pictures 

Yes, I will let you know the size. You either have one at home, or purchase one and then mail it to me with return postage included.