“A Wedding Paid For But Not Seen”: – 5 Brief Reasons To Have A Video Of Your Wedding:

  1. Isolation – The bride spends most of her wedding day isolated from her friends and family because of the events of the day.
    1. The bride is at the house/hotel getting dressed.
    2. She arrives at the Church last and remains in the Limo or the side room.
    3. After the ceremony, she may or may not spend a fast 20 minutes in a receiving line, but is then whisked off to formal pictures away from the guests.
    4. She misses most of the cocktail hour and or remains there until the wedding party is introduced.
    5. She participates in all the ceremony highlights (Intro, First Dance, Prayer, Toasts, Parent Dances, Cake Cutting, Bouquet Toss/Give Away, Center Pieces, etc…)

When you add up all the time, the bride misses about 2/3 of her own wedding. The video will record all the moments away from her that she does NOT see.

  1. Pictures do not record the words of the Vows & Rings, or the first time the groom tells you how beautiful you look after you’ve walked down the aisle, or the conversations you had at the altar or in front of the celebrant.
  2. Everyone remembers who their Best Man and Maid Of Honor are, but do they remember what they said ? The video records these words spoken by your best friends at the most important moment in your life.
  1. The taking of the Formal Pictures it is believed are a long and boring but necessary event as everyone wants to get to the party. But it is during this time, that most of the joking, teasing and fun occurs. The pictures are just that, still moments in time. They are beautiful, but do not record the fun, the insults, and off camera goofing around.
  1. A wedding video records the legacy of family and friends who pass away from us all too soon. It happens so often, that clients come back to me with words of gratefulness that a video was done when someone special passed away. This video is not only a historical document but a living memory for future family and memories of who these special people were on this most happiest of all days. We see them at their best.

It is these few of many reasons that we say for the bride, “It is a wedding paid for but not seen.”

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