What do we mean by wedding video challenge? Brides discover after the wedding that there are things they should have done.

There are Regrets.

Below, go out through this Google link and type in this question:

“Greatest Regrets by brides after the wedding”

Read through as many as you feel you understand what they are.

In most of them, what did you see is probably the biggest regret ?

Reasons For A Video:

  • You are tied up most of the day performing formalities
  • You miss most of your own wedding
  • What better gift to give your future children to see their aunts, uncles, grandparents when they were younger having fun.
  • The video provides distant relatives a chance to see your wedding.
  • People, relatives PASS AWAY. You are archiving the lives of your family on the happiest day of your life.

Wedding Video “Challenge” BONUS:

Remember this word – “Regrettable”

Once you type this in for the contract, you will receive this FREE production:

“Sneak Peek”

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