You are getting married for the first time. The planning, researching and details can be overwhelming at times. There are some things that I have seen that can help you make things run smoother on the day. We hope these wedding tips are helpful.

  1. Have your Bridesmaids get ready before you. Why? Because your images will have all of your maids dressed in your colors and your images will be that much more beautiful during moments when they help you get your dress on, helping you with your hair and makeup, putting a garter on, etc. If your bridesmaids are still in jeans and t-shirts it can take away from the beauty you envision your day to be.
  2. Coming Down the Aisle. It’s your Wedding Day! It’s going to go by so quickly. As you walk down the aisle, whether in a big cathedral or in the outdoor gardens, take a moment for yourself and take in the moment. This is it! Look around you, look at that caring person who is walking you down the aisle, then look at the end of the aisle at the wonderful man who wants to be your husband, your children’s father, and sitting next to you on the porch in his old age. This is the moment it begins! Stop and take it all in. When leaving the altar, the photographer and videographer are back peddling to get the shots. DON’T run out of the church. Slow down, enjoy the moment and this will allow them to get all the best shots.
  3. Your Vows – Another precious moment. Make sure to really look into your husbands eyes when he is saying he will love you for the rest of his life! And then do the same as you repeat your vows to him. This is a very endearing moment on your wedding day and you are going to want to savor it!
  4. During the Ceremony – It’s really ok to hold hands. If you are feeling nervous or overwhelmed, hold his hand. He wants to be there for you and it will make your husband feel great to know that he is supporting you. Plus, he’s probably REALLY nervous too, it will calm him to know you need him. If you can, ahead of time, place a bottle of water by your kneeler. It will make the difference when you need it.
  5. Throughout the Day – Do what YOU want! You have planned for a long time for this day. Trust your photographer, band, coordinator, caterer, videographer. If you want to take more photos and your caterer wants to rush you, don’t let them. If you need a drink anytime at your reception, ask one of YOUR staff to please get it for you. This is totally YOUR day and you have invested a lot to enjoy it. Take your time and make sure each part goes just the way you want it to. Of all the places where pressure may come is the kitchen. I have seen the photographer take too much time and the kitchen has the food ready to go. At any time, if someone on staff tells your photographer that you cannot do something, all they need to do is tell the bride and groom and they need only ask for the manager and it will be resolved quickly.
  6. Introductions – Make a list of all of the people you have in your bridal party to hand to your DJ or the MC of the band, with all the names written out PHONETICALLY, like the way you would pronounce them. Most DJ’s and MC’s do a fine job, but too many times I have seen family members giggle over the bad pronunciation. Keep this under control by making this list. I have seen the song list the DJ plays neglects the older guests. It is not a nightclub just for the young set. Many times, the older crowd leaves early as there aren’t any songs they can dance to and enjoy the evening. They feel left out, get tired and leave. Be sure to provide enough slow songs for guys to get up and dance, Ladies choice to ask someone who would not dance to get up to a slow dance.
  7. Thank your Guests – The best man did a toast, someone did a blessing, but did your husband thank everyone for coming? This is such a class act. Not often enough do I see this, but what a fantastic gesture it is for the groom to thank his and your parents and all of the guests for coming. The best time to do it? Either right after dinner (before your parent dances) or near the end of the evening. I suggest after dinner. Have your Best Man & Maid of honor let the staff know how long the toast might be as they are timing this moment to bring in your first course and heating the main dish. TIMING IS EVERYTHING.
  8. Cake Cutting – For some reason, this is the most uncoordinated part of the day, yet it’s so easy! When you cut the cake, if you make 3 vertical cuts into the cake then slice it once horizontally across the inside of the first 3 cuts, two slices will come out perfectly. “Sometimes the cake has a ribbon around a layer. Be sure that you know that and NOT try and slice through a section that will not cut.
  9. Going to the tables – If you have already had a receiving line, this is not really necessary, unless you want to meet friends and family. Just remember, you have a band or a DJ, make use of them! The night goes by quickly and if you are chatting away, you may only get under thirty minutes to really boogie down with your friends. Understand that the Photographer and Videographer will be recording everything that you are not seeing.
  10. Your guests are there for you, but they are really interested in two things that day that affect them. Is the food good and or hot when they get it, and did the DJ set them up for a great night of fun ? All the other items that make up your wedding day that makes your day special, means most to you. Your guests most times, do not really focus on them unless something is wrong. So don’t worry about these items at the wedding. Enjoy the moment, have fun and trust the people you hired to handle the day. It is important that you know that the people you hire will do a good job. See them in action and get referrals.

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