What has been trending since 2013 ? Bridal couples are opting NOT to have a wedding video. WHY ?

Cost is always number 1

Maybe they went to a wedding and the videographer was always in the way.

There is something NEW called the “Movie Trailer”. They are costly but only give you about 8 minutes of your story. Music Videos or Movie Trailers are a Fantasy. It does not document your wedding day.

A full wedding day video will let you see your own wedding as seen through the eyes of your guests.

You get to “Relive The Day”.

Also Trending

What is also trending….are bridal couples wishing they had their weddings recorded. What seemed like a lot of preparation anxiety, lead brides to skip the video. The wedding day arrives and is OVER in the blink of an eye. Couples spend most of the day doing FORMALITIES. So they miss most of their own wedding.

Ask any elder relative if they are glad they had a wedding video or wished they had one, you’ll have your answer.

POST WEDDING interviews have gone. “What Were Your Wedding Day Regrets”?

Articles Below

Why 98 Percent of Brides Say You Should Definitely Get a Videographer (I Didn’t, and Now I Regret It)
By Lexi Petronis SEPTEMBER 17, 2013


 When we were in the midst of wedding planning, we agreed pretty wholeheartedly on just about everything…like waffles being a “go,” of course, and videography a “no.” I don’t know, filming everything seemed kind of unnecessary at the time, I think.

But then, last night, I was watching some video from my cousin’s wedding in—oh my gosh, 1995, I think?—and the funniest thing happened: I suddenly had videography regret! There, on my cousin’s video, were loved relatives who have since passed away—it was amazing to see them again, looking so happy and celebratory. And my little cousins when they were still just tiny, dancing and singing.

According to surveys  only about 50 percent of about-to-be-married brides thought videography was one of the top ten things to include in the wedding. After the surveyed brides had gotten married, though, that number climbed to 75 percent—more of them wished they’d actually had their weddings filmed.

And 98 percent of the newlyweds said they’d recommend videography to other couples.

“We have fantastic photographs and sweet wedding memories, of course—but now I kind of wish we had video of my dad’s speech so I could again hear exactly what he said, and of my husband playing violin during the reception. Because I think—someday—our kids would like to see it too.”

So what do you think: How important is filming your wedding and/or your reception?

National Bridal Survey Reveals Why Brides Love Their Wedding Videos
[Boynton Beach, FL] Before the wedding, when brides are making plans, over half (54%) rank video as one of the Top 10 most important bridal services, the survey revealed. But, that number goes up to 79% AFTER the wedding as brides look back and assess the individual value of each service.

Before the wedding, 23% of brides view video as a Top 5 service. After the wedding, that number climbs to 42%.

The value of video is greater with brides who use a professional video services compared to those who don’t. Before the wedding, 41 % of these brides consider video a Top 5 service; but after the wedding the number grows to 59%. After the wedding, 94% of these brides consider video at least a Top 10 service.

One of the most surprising findings of the survey is the second-thoughts, even regrets, among brides who decided not to utilize the services of professional videographers.

Among brides who used a friend or family member to tape their wedding instead of using a professional, nearly half (49%) said they’d hire a professional if they had it all to do over again.

These second thoughts are even more pronounced with brides who didn’t have their weddings taped at all. In hindsight, 60% wished they had had their weddings videotaped.

As brides look back at their wedding, 79% agree that future brides should at least consider using a professional to videotape their wedding day. Feelings are even more pronounced amongst the brides who utilized the services of professional videographers: 95% think future brides should consider using a professional videographer; 54% of this group strongly recommends that a bride utilize professional video services.

   Bridal Guide – Feb 28, 2015

 “Wedding Do-Over: If I Could Plan it Again”

Recent brides reflect back on their big day — and what they would have done differently.

By: Debra Witt

I’d hire a videographer

Having endured too many viewings of hours-long wedding videos, Christine Fennessy didn’t once consider hiring a videographer to capture her lakeside nuptials. But a year later, she confesses, she’d love to be able to hit play and revisit the day she was married on the shores of Owasco Lake in Auburn, NY.

“I never thought I would say that, but I know I would cry every time I watched it.”Christine’s not alone in this regard — it was the most repeated “regret” among brides we interviewed.

Michelle Engvall, owner of Married + More, A Wedding Planning Boutique in Seattle, says having a videographer “is money well spent, and it doesn’t have to break the bank.” She suggests looking for a professional who offers a “highlights” video package. “These are typically 5 to 10 minutes long, and tell the story of the day from start to finish in a condensed version.” Expect to pay in the neighborhood of $1,500 for a short, edited video with sound.

Why Would I want A Wedding Video ?

  • You are tied up all day doing formal activities, so you miss most of the party.
    • You are at the house and arrive at the church last.
    • You are at the ALTAR and cannot see your guests behind you
    • You go off for FORMAL PICTURES while the rest of your guests are at the cocktail hour.
    • You are then separated from your guests until you enter the Reception room
    • You sit at the Island table removed from everyone else
    • If you did not have a RECEIVING LINE, you are going from table to table welcoming and thank your guests. So most of the day, you do not see what is happening at your own wedding.
  • You do not get to see your won wedding party walk down the aisle.
  • You do not get to see your wedding party get introduced into the Reception room.
  • As you move around the room, there is the bar and maybe the deck outside, you will not get to see all these areas during the night. The video lets you see what you missed.
  • The day will go by so fast, that in a short time, you will begin to forget the little details of what went on.
  • Photographs are nice, they are also 3 X as expensive as the video, but they DO NOT offer sound and motion. You get to see and hear your family, your parents having the best times of their lives.
  • Your parents have waited many years to share this day with you. Dads dancing with their baby girls and moms dancing with their sons. Video captures all those moments.
  • Photographers mostly work by the hour. So a package may keep them there until the parent dances. Without a videographer, those last 2 hours of fun and dancing cannot be captured by pictures. Photographers will tell you that bridal clients DO NOT buy many dancing pictures for the album. WHY? Because they look funny, frozen action is odd positions. So most dancing pictures are during slow dances.
  • How do you capture all the dancing styles, in a circle where the brave jump in to show off their skills with everyone laughing ? Pictures cannot capture that.
  • How do you explain what your wedding was like to future children with pictures ? A video lets them see how GOOD or BAD dad dances and what dad looked like years ago.
  • People do not like to talk about it, but a video becomes an archive of people have fun that soon may pass away. Many times, family or friends pas away and the video of them having a wonderful time brings memories back for those who were there and for your future children or grandchildren what it was like.
  • Lastly, the biggest reason for a wedding video is that you get to RELIVE the day over each time you watch it. We shoot documentary style. We are story tellers. We capture everything the way it happened. To us it is the greatest compliment when a Bridal couple tells us that we captured every moment they wanted and got to relive the day over and over.
  • What better way for when a relative cannot make the wedding, you are able to send them a copy of your wedding day. We have had many a close relative because of health or distance, could NOT make the wedding. Having the DVD was the next best way of sharing that day with them.

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