Planning on your wedding?

Do you know when you should get things done?

Would you like a Wedding Count Down Calendar?

When you submit an email for information, there is a link there to download the calendar.

“My Budget is not big enough for a wedding video”.
· Yes you can……we only require a $50 deposit….the balance is paid when we deliver the final DVD….weeks later….couple of months later.

  • You are back to work collecting weekly paychecks and have access to bridal gift money!
  • We are NOT part of that Tidal Wave of Money you have to have up front on or before your wedding day.

Here is what you MISS at your own wedding:

  • You don’t see each other’s bridal party getting ready
  • You don’t see your guests arrive at the ceremony
  • Bride doesn’t get to see her bridal party walk down the aisle
  • You are facing away from your family during the ceremony
  • While you are doing Formal pictures, you miss the cocktail party
  • When introduced, you don’t see your bridal party walk in
  • As you go table to table for 1 – 2 hours, you miss everything else going on around you

Our basic package begins at $995

  • Of your venders – Pictures, Flowers, DJ, Venue, we….Video….is the least expensive.
  • Of all of these venders, which one provides the memories ?

· Ask any elder relative if they are glad they had a wedding video or wished they had one, you’ll have your answer.

  • Sadly, family and friends pass away, what a wonderful opportunity to capture family and friends with the action and audio of the video. How wonderful to let your children see your relatives as they were ?
  • Your wedding day goes by so fast, with the video, you get to relive the day. You get to see all the parts you’ll not see. You’ll see the wedding day as seen through the eyes of your guests.
  • In 20 years, how nice to see your dad walk you down the aisle, your first dance, dance with your dad, speeches by Best Man and Maid of Honor, and your relatives who have passed away……?

2 People who did not want a wedding video:

“Hi Dick
I wanted to thank Dick for doing a beautiful job on our wedding video. I randomly came across the wedding dvd and watched it on a Tuesday night when I had the house to myself. It made me smile and cry and it was so nice to experience that day over again. It was only 2 years ago but you start to forget how joyous your wedding day was and all of the small details. I am so grateful to have those memories on film. I was very conservative with our wedding budget and I was pretty determined to go without a videographer. I am so glad I changed my mind!”

“Ahhhh :):):):) we just got
Finished watching our video!!!! So in love with it! Absolutely perfect job Dick!! LOVE the closing music video highlight!! It is crazy how much is captured and missed during the day! i am Soooo happy we chose to get our wedding videographed! You really do re-live each moment! Cried again like baby at the speeches!! I will be watching this video so much i will probably burn through the discs! Lol thank you thank you thank you!!!! :):)”

Ashley & John

Enjoy the Countdown Calendar……I hope I’ve given you something to think about. Contact me and I can explain details of your wedding day that the other vendors do not. I’ll explain what kind of vendors who will be most helpful to you.

YES…..You can fit a wedding video into your budget….its only a $50 deposit.
Best Wishes and enjoy our calendar.

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