Second Videographer Meeting Groomsmen Getting Ready

NEW PRODUCTS – “Sneak Peek” – “Fusion Movie” – “Reveal”

While you are waiting for your wedding DVD, a “Sneak Peek” can be created as a TRAILER, a highlight, a Tease to what is coming soon. 

The FUSION Movie is a combination of your Photographers beautiful pictures and combined with our VIDEO clips, we create another unique Highlight piece that will be hosted, so you can share it with family, friends and relatives.

‘The Reveal” – “First Look”

When you decide to save time later on to enjoy the cocktail hour, you decide to have the “Reveal”. We send a videographer to capture that moment.


4 Day – 5 Day Wedding Celebration
When the wedding finally arrives, it is over before you know it. Your memories may be the only source of remembering what happened on each of these days. Pictures certainly help, but the words and actions of your best friends and family are lost forever. Discreet video coverage of the events that lead up to the wedding day itself will create a truly lasting memory to be shared by you in years to come. This is especially true for the family and friends who could not make your wedding for health, distance or financial reasons. You’ll have a legacy to show future family members the events that happened and cherished memories of those that pass on. This becomes your living history recorded for all time.

Rehearsal Dinner Party
Many brides have told me after the wedding that they enjoy watching the video of their rehearsal dinner almost as much as watching their wedding video.   Why?  At this one moment, you have the most important people in your life together in a more intimate setting.

Your best friends take the time to express the love they share with you by relating stories of the past, and the promise of the future. You get to share this with your family who are excited about the days ahead.

Some of the comments are extremely funny, while others may bring tears to your eyes.  What a shame if this isn’t recorded on professional video and audio.
20 years from now, will you remember what was said ?

I’m really a video historian! I’m going to capture the events of your special day that will be viewed by family members generations from now. That is truly history.

This once in a lifetime moment will be recorded unobtrusively. You won’t even know the camera is there. There will be a hidden fixed camera and a second camera covering reaction shots all blended into a dvd presentation.

If you are making the wedding a multi-day event, then besides the other planned activities, this dinner brings everyone together with stories…slightly exaggerated of the good times from the days before.

Engagement Party
When you get engaged and a party is thrown in your honor, this lively event is lost for all time without video. Pictures are frozen moments. The video records all the active fun moments that a party like this can provide. It could be the second largest collection of family and friends all celebrating this important day in your life. To look back on this years from now, you will be glad you had it done. As in all video recordings, you see things you never realized happened as you were the center of attention and the party was going on all around you. Record those most important moments of your life.

Wedding Day DVD OPENINGS – 3 New Examples
As part of your Gold and Platinum packages and available for the basic Silver package as an ADD ON, I create 3 Wedding Day DVD Introductions that begin your wedding day.

  1. One style creates a story of your pictures as individuals and as a couple. The most popular involves pictures of each growing up. This collection is your story and if you want to add pets, jobs, trips, family, favorite moments, Old Family VIDEO CLIPS, interviews, these are all possible.
  2. The second style is made up of images from the wedding day video that are shots the photographer may not have captured. They record set up and candid shots, where as the video captures everything and the variety of shots available for this photo montage is enormous. Also included into this can be Family video clips, Interviews with family and friends, wedding party.A pre-wedding day consultation would be necessary to set up interviews, and family video clips.
  3. The newest “OPENING” format is the Music Video. We take the best video clips right up to your walk down the aisle and sync them up to the song you have your first dance.

At the end of the Wedding Day DVD set, I create a Closing that is a Highlight collection of video clips from the entire wedding day. It may also involve the elements from the 4 – 5 Days of celebration. This highlight is different from a highlight disk in that this one includes MUSIC, Graphics, Background Voices, Slow Motion. This presentation can be thought of as the artistic version of your wedding day. It may run as long as 40 minutes for the one day celebration or longer if it involves Pre-Wedding Day activities. This is one of the more popular selections of reviewing the wedding day. This is available on the Gold & Platinum packages.

IPOD Conversions
Look around and you’ll recognize that the iPOD revolution is upon us. Many of your friends and family members own iPODS. I can take segments, highlights from your wedding day celebrations and convert them into iPOD format presentations that you can send to your friends for them to watch.

50 Image 3 D Movies
When other videographers advertise that they do “Montages”, they are doing simple and tired page peels. This 3D format has many unique styles where images from your wedding day are placed inside an animated world of moving frames. This gives you a one of a kind presentation unlike anything that your friends may have done for their wedding. There are many to choose from. They would also include music, graphics, and voice inserts as in Vows & Ring ceremony, Toasts and well wishes from friends. These presentations can be of any desired length. 50 images would be a beginning point.

High Light DVD
When you want to send a single dvd to relatives or friends who could not make your wedding, or want to show just the BEST Of The BEST to visiting friends, then the Highlight DVD is the right choice. This popular addition to your package is anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes in length that follows along with all the Chapters of your 3 Disk Wedding Day DVD set. As you would expect, all the best parts are there. These are documentary style presentations…”Just The Way They Happened” The only music, and graphics would be included at the beginning and the end.

“Reflections – A Love Story” – Couple Interview, Pictures, Music (30 Minutes)
Every couple has a story that is unique to just them.  Imagine if your story could be told in a way that would not only be very romantic, but would actually bring the two of you even closer together.  Well, that’s exactly what Reflections has done for many couples.  It’s a time for the two of you to “reflect” on your feelings towards each other only weeks before your ceremony. We will get together at a park or location of your choice.  We’ll do interviews separately on how you met, first impressions, and then with the two of you. We’ll then plan some “fun times” where you can interact.  Some of this interaction will be in slow motion, some black & white, and some “very” romantic moments.  All of this will then be edited into a mini documentary that will be part of your DVD set.

Engagement Journal
This popular format involves a first meeting to plan out the elements of the presentation. Then a meet date is set to involve family, friends, and the wedding party. There they are interviewed about their relationship to you that has blossomed into the  wedding day celebration. Included into this presentation are pictures, old family video clips, music, graphics and special effects to tell your story. This presentation will run about 30 minutes in length and will be included as a chapter on the Wedding Day DVD set. This can be run as a Cocktail Hour presentation, converted into an iPOD format to be sent to friends and family.
A 12 minute version of this can be run during the Reception, projected on to a large screen in between the dinner courses entertaining your guests. This is one of the more enjoyable styles as many people get to see themselves on screen and are proud of the fact that they are directly involved in your wedding day. They are celebrities on screen as the two of you take center stage. This brief version can also become a chapter on the DVD set or an iPOD format gift to friends.

Engagement Reenactment
A meeting is set up to discuss all the elements to this video presentation. There are several format styles to its creation.

  1. Return To The Scene – during this presentation, we return to the location where the question of marriage was asked. These video inserts will be placed over the interview of this moment. All the best questions are asked about how it all happened. Humor and tenderness are the focal points. Music, graphics, special effects, interviews with friends who were there or part of the plot. This presentation would be available as a chapter on the Wedding Day DVD, an iPOD conversion, a Cocktail Hour Presentation and a highlight version can also be played during the Reception.
  2. Concept Video Presentations – Everyone loves HUMOR! Using the right blend of humor, we can create an entertaining one of a kind presentation to entertain your guests and make stars of all involved. These are scripted, storyboarded productions that feature not only the Bride & Groom, but members of the family or the wedding party. The production can be a spoof of a TV show, a documentary, Mockumentary, satire, roast. One example is the “Lost Wedding Ring”. On the day of the big question, the groom discovers the ring is lost and has to make a quick loan from shady characters (Groomsmen). The Groom and the Best Man take off with the money in hot pursuit by the bad guys. First they go to the jewelry store, then the high speed car chase (only make believe in speeded up video clips), they lose the bad guys and the groom meets up with his fiancé to pop the question only to have her ask how did he pull this off, not knowing all that he went through. This format can be applied to any favorite movie, TV show or historical moment as a goof. The idea in the Concept Video Format is to have fun. This presentation would be shown at the Reception and would be available to be archived in all mentioned format

Web Hosting Wedding Day High Lights for 120 Days
With the Gold & Platinum packages, (4) 6-7 minute clip highlights from your wedding day will be placed in our Wedding Theater for 120 days. There, your friends and family can visit and watch these highlights. In many cases, these highlights will be an enhanced version of what is on the DVD sets. Included will be a Theatrical Music Video of your wedding day. This presentation will include your favorite music selection, intense special effects, and graphics. The Theatrical presentation is the most popular wedding day creation selected by couples.

Scanned Invitations & Church Programs

“It’s The Little Things” – Movie of All The Items Bought To Enhance The Wedding day and All Those Moments That Makes The Day Special
This presentation became popular when it was realized that for all the preparations you made, researching the flowers, dresses, Bridal Gown, Reception Venue, Center Pieces, Color Schemes, Invitations, Programs and everything else that you spent time on, it is all over in one day. “It’s The Little Things” makes images off the wedding day video. During the day, the LITTLE THINGS are also those little stolen moments when a look, a smile, a word says more than a 1000 words. We combine all these elements to remind you of all that made up the flavor of your wedding day. This presentations combines images, music, dialogue, graphics, special effects all geared to celebrate those LITTLE THINGS that mattered most in the preparation of your wedding day and the way you responded within the beauty you created.

Wedding Shot in High Definition
With the advent of technology, people are bringing into their homes big screens with definition capability. What about a HIGH DEFINITION wedding? So long as you have a High Definition DVD player, you can have your wedding recorded and edited in Hi-Def. If you don’t have (and most do not have as yet) a Hi-Def dvd player, you can have your wedding recorded in Hi-Def and edited in regular format. You can also have your wedding recorded in WIDE SCREEN (16 by 9) if you want that effect. The only concern you would have is the EXTRA copies of your wedding and what the playback system would be.

Second Videographer At Reception
As this is part of the Platinum package, it is available in the others as well as an enhancement. With the second videographer at the church or ceremony already, having him cover the groomsmen from the morning of getting ready to the end of the reception, will provide more coverage and different angles enhancing the final look of the wedding day dvd. With a second person, just as in a photographer’s assistant, more little video stories get recorded and told. Example – while I am following you through your Formal picture experience, the second cameraman has gone to cover the cocktail hour. There we meet and record your guests and extended family getting ready to party. At the Reception, two angles are recorded on that important Introduction sequence, First Dance, Prayer, Toasts. This camera is elevated for better perspective. The second camera is used for crowd reactions as the speeches are given. The second camera is used to follow you our of the  Reception when you meet and greet guests or go out for additional photo sessions. The second camera continues with coverage of the Reception party and dancing while you are recorded going from table to table meeting your guests. Even when you were having your Receiving Line, one camera focuses just on you and the second takes all the crowd shots and you from a distance. Having this extra camera will increase the length and coverage of you wedding day from 3-4 hours to 5-6 hours as well as enhancing the second angle dissolve during all the important moments in your wedding day. 

Honeymoon Travel Map Animation and Additional Specialty Presentations
Are you going on an extended Honeymoon ? Are you making several stops along the way as in a cruise or a trip through the islands ? The TRAVEL MAP animation is created for the end of your video to tease and show where you traveled during this wonderful ending to your wedding celebration. Each location from the moment you leave the home airport to your last stop is map identified with an animated direction line (Indiana Jones) showing stop by stop. Music that fits the location, graphics of where you are and selected images will highlight your trip. The Honeymoon slideshow will show in detail your pictures from your trip. But this animation is a unique way of showcasing your travels.

“Bridal Party Credit Roll”

With careful selection, you invited your closest friends and family to be part of your WEDDING PARTY. So at the end of your wedding story, ADD a Bridal Party Credit Roll.

We can announce who they were in three different ways:

  1. List them by name in a scrolling text and their jobs and possibly (option) add their addresses to the song you had your first dance to.
  2. Use a 3D Animation presentation with their STILL PICTURES (SEE DEMO) to celebrate their participation on your day.
  3. Use a 3D animation package using SHORT VIDEO CLIPS of each Bridal Party member.

What better way to include your closest friends on your wedding day who shared all the fun and excitement, then by including them in a roll call of your V.I.P.s

Turn Your Digital Pictures From Your Photographer into a Wedding Day Fusion Movie…

Many photographers who shoot in digital, eventually release all the pictures to you. These high resolution pictures are the perfect format for 3D animation. Your picture can be pulled apart in PHOTOSHOP and reassembled as an animation, a moving picture.

Your pictures can be placed into a 3D animation program. These unique presentations create amazing ways of showing off your wedding day pictures

When your photographer delivers all your digital pictures to you, what do you do with them? You have your photo albums, but what about doing something creative with these pictures that you can share with friends and family.

Most videographers do not create the types of presentations you’ll see on my website. There are many to choose from. Once the presentation has been created, you can make a DVD. You can post the presentation on my website. You can send it over the Internet. You can convert it into a iPOD show and let your friends download it.

The bottom line is; “What are you going to do with all these pictures”?

Let me turn them into a presentations with Music, Graphics, Animation, Video and Audio Clips from your wedding.


The hottest new format is combining your pictures, your photographer’s pictures with our video clips or your home movie clips.

This combination provides the best of all worlds from pictures to video to create a movie trailer for your FACEBOOK PAGE, your iPOD, iPHONE, or even for your BLOG or WebPage.

You can also create a feature presentation that can be as long as 30 minutes as a stand alone presentation for your wedding day, a chapter on your wedding DVD, or as a web link for all your friends and family to watch when they reach your social network.

Bridal Spotlight
With her wedding day quickly approaching, this is a day that every woman dreams about. So much has gone into making everything just right. Every eye will be on her. The Bridal Spotlight Video Presentation creates a visual fantasy that is Her and her wedding day.

We meet the bride some time before the wedding and shoot many scenes of her in different poses, actions and lighting. Brides have used their actual wedding dress during this Music Video Highlight. Some have used a second wedding gown for the video. Brides have also brought changes of clothing to create a mood. They go to their favorite places: the beach, the woods, or hills.

When the footage is captured, it is crafted into a video montage music highlight to the song she will do her first dance to or any other song of her choice. Then SPECIAL EFFECTS are woven into the presentation to make a memorable fantasy come true.

This presentation can be played at the Reception during the cocktail hour or center stage inside the main hall during the meal.

This presentation can be added to the most requested Wedding Day Slideshow and showcased during the Reception. It is necessary to meet with the bride ahead of time to plan out this video shoot.


If both bride and groom decide to each have a presentation spotlight, then a combined package can be create by adding scenes of the two together. This adds a third element to the SPOTLIGHT collection.

Groom Spotlight
The groom is kidded that the day is all about the love of his life. He is an after thought. But there are two women who feel otherwise. To them, he is the most important person in the world. We speak of his mother and his soon to be wife.

The groom spotlight video presentation joins him at his favorite location where the video records him in many moments of contemplation, action and reflection.

Once the footage has been woven into his highlight using graphics, music and any images that define who he is, this presentation can also be played during the wedding reception.

A meeting would be necessary to plan out the video shoot.

The final production will be added as a chapter on the wedding day dvd.


If both bride and groom decide to each have a presentation spotlight, then a combined package can be create by adding scenes of the two together. This adds a third element to the SPOTLIGHT collection.

Post Wedding Interviews
Schedule a meeting after the wedding with both sets of parents, Best Man, Maid of Honor and any other members of your family including grandparents. During this meeting, a video interview is made asking for “Their Reactions” to the events of the wedding day.

Questions For:

Dad: “Tell me your thoughts as you were walking your daughter down the aisle?”

Bride: “What were your thoughts as you were coming down the aisle?”

When everyone has been asked for their reactions to events they participated in, the video and sound bites are added to the video moments of your wedding day. The voice over remarks by Dad as he walks his daughter down the aisle, will surly bring a tear to everyone watching this Highlight Presentation.

Doing this after the wedding records fresh memories and feelings from a once in a lifetime ceremony. A Post Wedding Interview Presentation with music important to the bridal couple that includes high end graphics, creates a one of a kind keepsake that other videographers do not provide.

This 20 –30 minute production becomes a separate Chapter on the wedding day dvd.

Slideshows/Fusion Movies