Wedding Video Chapters

Because some brides have asked for more examples of what a typical wedding looks like, this section was created for that purpose.

A typical wedding DVD can be over 4 hrs long, so what you’ll see below is a snap shot of several weddings we are working on at this moment. Having done over 400 weddings, we do not keep examples of everything. Once the client has received all the dvds they ordered, the files are erased once the OK is given by the client, to make room for the next project. In time, we will replace these examples with others.

25 chapters as it might be on your DVD . When Brides decide to have a “Wedding Day Movie Trailer” as their wedding video, all of these Chapters…..all of these moments are LOST. Trailers do not give you the coverage you want when you look at your wedding 5, 10, 20 years from now.

You will wish that you had MORE….

Chapter By Chapter

1. Girls Getting Ready
2. Guys Getting Ready
3. Early Church
4. Bride Arrives
5. Ceremony Begins
6. Bride’s Entrance
7. Vows
8. Rings & Candles
9. Peace Be With You
10. Sand Ceremony
11. Leaving The Altar
12. Receiving Line
13. Limo To Formal Pictures
14. Formal Pictures
15. Early Reception
16. Cocktail Hour
17. Bridal Party Introductions
18. Entrance & First Dance
19. Toasts
20. Cake Cutting
21. Greeting Guests
22. Parent Dances
23. Dancing
24. Bouquet & Garter
25. Last Dance