go-pro camera

  • Record High Definition Video at 1080p at 60 frames per second for amazing Slow Motion playback……with 12 megapixel photography.
  • MUST SEE VIDEO: Xmas & Santa Claus – Recorded with all GoPro, hand held cameras and flown by aerial multicopter that we have for you.
  • Take your passion for an activity that you want to share with family or friends.
  • Imagine an activity that your kids perform and you want to know what it is like that gets them excited. 2 Wheel Fun – Youtube Video
  • It may seem dangerous, but not really once you see it. Perhaps, the activity is more than they should be performing. You’ll be able to see and judge if this is ok for them.
  • You are there seeing what they see.
  • Pictures and Video make great TRAINING teaching moments instead telling your son or daughter “Do It This Way” They get to see what they are doing right or wrong.
  • Point of View video allows you to go along for the ride.

Climb then Jump Off

  • Then Point of View video lets you share that excitement with anyone and everyone.

“Capture The Moment….Because in an Instant, it Becomes a Memory”

  • With the several mounts we now have, whatever the activity you have or want to THINK OUT OF THE BOX…….you now have the ability to attach a High Definition video camera to record that activity….to share that experience…..or simply…..keep it as a memory from one of the best days of your life.

How many times have you experienced something so amazing, and you tried to explain it to family or friends….and the words never come to express that raw feeling of what you did.

Now a video camera can record that action mounted in places that let the viewer see what you saw…….jump out of a plane…scuba dive in the ocean or the bottom of your pool……on the back of a golf cart…..the handle bar of your motor cycle….on your chest as you run a 10 k race…..or on a skate board your child glides on….or on his bike riding down the street…..or simply on the front of the baby carriage viewing your baby going for a walk.

Baby Riding Skateboard

Don’t let that moment pass by you again without thinking about capturing it in High Definition……a video…..from Your Point Of View.

Once you have an idea of what you want recorded, we can set you up with a camera, capture the video – photographs and then edit them or format them so you get to share your experiences with friends and family on all of the social media you use…….

Here are our mounts for the cameras we have for you to capture video and stills:

Chest Strap for an adult

jogging, cycling, skiing, golf, horseback riding

Hat Strap – Clip for Cap

POINT OF VIEW Video mounted on your hat as you go about your activity

Handle Bar Connection

cycling, motor cycle, attach to any pole and rotate camera 90 degrees

shoulder strap camera
GoPro hat strap
go pro handle bar connection

Goose Neck Clamp

attach to any structure to record your activity

Child’s Chest Strap

Child size connection to record anything they do or perform

Suction Cup Clamp

apply to any flat surface – hood of a car, window, fender of motor cycle

goose neck mount child's chest strap gopro suction cup mount
Tripod Mountattach the GoPro camera on to a tripod Lastly, cutting edge usage of the GoPro camera….mounted on a Multicopter, a Drone Helicopter to record High Definition Video and 12 Megapixel photographs from as low as 6 feet and as high as 400 feet.
suction cup clamp drone

The only limit is your imagination.

If we combine the GoPro camera on any of the mounts mentioned above, with a flying drone helicopter, we can also add as many as 4 hand held Sony Video cameras to capture every angle.

Think of the possibilities……How can you not get excited ?

Hiking With the GoPro & the Phantom 2Either hold on or close your eyes….!

Contact us and we can begin to plan and get creative on your Most Excellent Adventure…