My slideshows are more like IMAGE MOVIES.

Under CELEBRATIONS, you can see several types I have done. There are more on the way to the webmaster to be posted, but those that are there will show you what I mean by IMAGE MOVIES and not slideshows. I use 11 different pieces of software to make it happen.

  • A typical program runs about 100 pictures for $275. This will be about 12 – 14 minutes in length. The reason for a 12 – 14 minute presentation, it is the right amount of time the VENUE will allow your guests to watch in the MAIN ROOM if it is between SOUP & SALAD.
  • If you want to run a slideshow during the Cocktail Hour, It can be as long as an hour. That would be about 400 – 500 pictures. Or, it can be shorter and looped over and over. Remember, people during the cocktail hour want to meet, talk with friends, relatives, drink a cocktail or two and eat. So many people will watch some of the slideshow. Many will not.
  • If you want to run the slideshow in the MAIN ROOM, you can run a longer slideshow (20 minutes) after the entre has been served. This allows the Kitchen enough time to get everyone fed. After people have eaten, they CAN WELCOME such a presentation. But the best time is about 15 minutes. More than that, then it begins to feel long….

We have provided Slideshows at all 3 moments at a wedding. The call is yours.

At the location where your party is happening, do you have the ability to play the DVD ? That can be an issue.

Do they have:

  1. Large Screen
  2. LCD Projector
  3. Audio speakers to hear the presentations
  4. Laptop to play the DVD or DVD Player

These are the items you need to ask the VENUE if they have available. 50% of the time, I see Venues NOT HAVING this equipment. Some will charge you for it.

We can provide everything. ($110)

The hardest part of the process is the scanning of all the pictures. This takes about an hour for 40 images. Then each picture has to be cleaned up in Photoshop (COLOR, BRIGHTNESS, CONTRAST)

When I am done, the slideshow contains, the movie, title graphics, music and some animations.

The sooner the pictures come to me, the faster I can get through the scanning process.

If you want me to choose the music, I can.  I music scored 12 years of our Broadcast TV Fishing Show using about 10 Music Library selections per show, so I really understand the process to create the right mood.

If there is music important to you and your mother, thats fine. A typical 12 – 14 minute presentations requires 3-5 songs. I would suggest that the song you dance to be one of the titles. Give me 2-4 other songs of the same type as the song you danced to. Pictures are on screen a little over 6 seconds and change with a dissolve. The pictures themselves are animated slowly, so FAST, HARD music will not work. So choose MORE music like your FIRST DANCE number. Any questions, feel free to contact me.

I will contact you about titles.


  • If you are sending me the pictures to be scanned, turn the story into CHAPTERS. Give each chapter a name (ie, baby years, school yrs, dating years, getting married, children, AND SO ON).

It doesn’t matter how many.

It doesn’t matter how many pictures make up a chapter.

  • Each collection of pictures should be in its own zip bag.
  • If you are deciding the sequence of the pictures, then each picture on the back should be numbered. It is the only way I’ll know what your thoughts are.

Once everything is done, you will be watching the dvd video as if you are looking at a 5 layer cake. The movie you see is layer five. Sometimes people find other pictures to add. This means I have to go all the way down to layer one, make the changes, then code my way through layers 2-5 again. This takes 3-5 hours and the cost is $60. Which means, sending out the package the way you want it the first time is the best.

You can reach me through this email or call me at 781-293-5359.